Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Guilty Pleasures? Oh Yeah!

So, how did you begin 2009?

In my case it was thoroughly enjoying a guilty pleasure up in the woods of Oregon with a shark diver turned good friend Chris Limon and his wife Kimel.

They dropped out of the rat race in L.A two years ago and settled in a bucolic little ocean side town called Brookings. A place where Killer Whales still frolic off the coast, Redwoods still tower in the back hills, and local caught plate sized deep water Dungeness crab is $5.00 a pop.

In short, my kind of place.

Oh, and it's also great place to load up on serious weaponry, a few cigars, and some "fun targets" (stuff that goes boom).

For a conservationist like myself this may seem at odds with a lifestyle but, like I said, this is an entirely guilty pleasure of mine shared by a few close friends in remote places. It all started with a Beretta shotgun a few years ago and a fondness for Skeet and Trap shooting. Now I am toting around AR-10's...who knew?

Anyway, this is how I spent my New Years. Now it's back to the wild world of sharks, conservation, and...some very exciting media news coming up in the next few weeks.

2009 came in with a bang and the fun continues!

Patric Douglas CEO