Friday, February 13, 2009

Shark Diver in Playboy Magazine

At the start of the year I reminded our loyal blog readers, lurkers, and assorted industry cranks (you know who you are) that we had some fun media news for you in March.

I think I even said you were going to love the month of March. Well, March is almost here and so is the March issue of Playboy Magazine along with the newly redesigned Playboy TV.

This month you'll have a reason to actually read the magazine as Shark Diver, your friendly neighborhood shark diving company, is the feature on two glorious pages of shark diving heaven. We're also on a shark diving segment with Playboy TV as well.

Unfortunately none of this raw media came with the requisite naked models. Both of these articles are serious journalistic endeavours (insert smile here). We would never cheapen sharks with the addition of bikinis or express nudity (insert one more smile). Although, if anyone from Girls Gone Wild reads this blog we have a show proposal for you.

Enjoy the magazine, and if your "significant other" starts to yell at you for leaving this months Playboy laying around feel free to tell her that Shark Diver is featured this month. See, right there on pages 32-33, we'll take the heat for you.

Patric Douglas CEO

Whale Shark Research Industry Co-Op

One of the better shark research and outreach programs we have come across this month.

Earthwatch, with financial support of Woodside Energy Ltd is offering professional development opportunities to Western Australian teachers.

Translation - they will fully fund eight teachers from rural and remote regions of Western Australia to participate on the research project Whale Sharks of Ningaloo Reef in May 2009.

The research program is also spearheaded by several commercial shark operators in the region.

Earthwatch engages people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment. The value of taking rural teachers through this program cannot be underestimated. As a force multiplier these teachers will in turn engage classrooms full of young minds to educate and inform about sharks.


Goblin girl on... sharky items!

It's Friday, the sun is shining outside (but it's cold) so I just want to make a "light" blog post today, not talking about threats to sharks.

If some of you have gotten curious about who "Goblin girl" is, you might have found my homepage and seen that I like to buy sharky things. I started to blog about all my things in 2007 and still find new sharky items in boxes and cupboards at home... And sometimes I buy new things. Mainly stuff I can use - not many china figurines make it into my home! The exception is goblin sharks. There I buy EVERYTHING I can find! Sometimes I'm talking artists into making stuff for me, like jewelry.

So, my latest find from Japan is trucks with sharks in tanks. They have either a goblin shark, a megamouth shark, a hammerhead or a great white. They are sold in sets of all four and I can't wait to get them!

World shark collection from Tomica gift (Takar Tomy) or in Japanese トミカ トミカギフト 世界のサメコレクション (タカラトミー)

More photos on my blog.

If you happen to find something that you think I might like OR if you live in Japan and knows how to get me the goblin shark Animal kaiser cards - drop me a line!

Editors Note: What kid/shark diver would not want that toy? Way cool GG;)