Monday, April 20, 2009

Larval Critters - The Ocean's "Itchy" Feeling

If you do not pay attention to Stumble Upon then you're only using a small fraction of your brain power. Seriously, since we started Stumbling a year ago we now know more than most about absolutely everything.

Take that Mesa punks.

We also know a great ocean based website when we see one and this week found a unique site that features oceanic critters we most like to eat when they are too small to eat.

Case in point this critter here - known as the Slipper Lobster (ate more than a few of these in Australia) it's larval stage looks like cut crystal and the website it is found on hosts a veritable treasure trove of deep sea critters only surfers and the occasional long distance swimmer ever encounter.

Think of this site as plankton porn for the whale shark set. Kudos to the folks over at Image Quest Marine.

Derek Heasley - ESPECIES Cover

Two years ago we were fortunate enough to meet and host underwater photog Derek Heasley at our white shark site at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico.

As the owner of a commercial shark diving company I enjoy working with the newer faces in the shooter world. Those that seek exposure for their work and who work hard at getting "the image". As a shark media company as well, we get requests for images weekly allowing us to develop relationships with these new faces and the magazine world.

Derek is one of those people we like to work with, aside from being one of the least ego centric shooters I have met in a long while, he's also just a plain nice guy. His photo sets are stunning, and over the past two years Derek and Shark Diver have worked together on a number of magazine projects.

This month Mexico Living Magazine, ESPECIES ran with one of Dereks images...and what an image.

Congrats Derek, we look forward to seeing you again at the island real soon.

Patric Douglas CEO