Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Million Dollar Vote - Shark Conservation Win

Georgienne Bradley from The Imaging Foundation is the smartest woman in the shark conservation room right now.

With her small team she has managed to create a tsunami of interest in the Chase Charitable Giving Event and with your help her team can capture the ultimate prize of One Million Dollars for shark conservation efforts.

Why are we supporting this effort?

Bandwidth. Bradley's team have managed to capture a lot of it all over the Internet and beyond and that is the cornerstone of today's conservation world.


Please support this effort today with your valuable vote. Yes we know Haiti is also an important issue right now so do two things in the next 24hrs.

1. Donate 5-50 for Haiti relief efforts.

2. Vote for The Imaging Foundation.

Haiti thanks you and the sharks thank you. A double win in 2010.

NY Times Featuring Industry Member

If there's one thing we like to see it's well balanced and pro industry reporting in the major media.

Too often the industry receives a black eye when operators fail to heed basic media commandments.

As in "Thou shalt not do extreme shark diving media, ever".

It is once again gratifying to see Beqa Adventure Divers in 2010 leading the charge with a well balanced article by Greg Winters.

All the commercial elements are open for review in this article, featuring the pros and cons of the commercial shark diving industry. Coming on the heels of last weeks anti-shark diving media orgy in South Africa - this is fair and balanced reporting.

It could not have come at a better time.


Al's Discount Shark Cages

Years ago I laughed at a Gary Larson's cartoon featuring "Al's Discount Shark Cages," an instant classic.

In the 10 years since I have seen little evidence of anyone building shark cages "on the cheap," until today.

Thanks Robin for the hat tip.

Apparently the new cage rage in Laguna Beach is, wait for it, PVC Shark Cages.

Kudos to the guys for trying, and to their catch and release ethic, but PVC?

Here's the complete adventure story. Shark diving always starts somewhere. When I see fishermen like Ryan taking an interest in sharks "beyond the hook and line," I am all for it, even with the PVC.

His personal take on the sharks in the water is the reason for commercial shark diving - appreciation, which as we have all seen leads to conservation:

"The sharks are so beautiful and calm it was irresistible. Ok, now I'm sounding like a nature channel guy, but really- part of why I love fishing is the beauty of ocean and its inhabitants!"

Here's to 1000 more, Al's Discount Shark Cages.

Patric Douglas CEO