Friday, August 20, 2010

Corkscrew Killers - U.K Seal Deaths Not Shark Related?


U.K media is reporting this week (if you can call it reporting) that the mysterious corkscrew deaths of seals in the region are NOT shark related.

Tell that to Canadian researchers on Sable Island who for the past decade have been seeing the same corkscrew pattern on dead seals there. The general consensus is that one or two species of deepwater sharks are the culprit.

Smart Shark Theory

The theory holds that a deepwater shark is removing only the fat layer on these animals because it contains the most amount of calories for the shark. Digesting bones and lean muscle takes energy away from the animal, so this predatory adaptation makes the most sense.

Of course researchers in the U.K are looking for a mechanical answer to this mystery, with water pumps, vessels, and even ropes being looked at.

Unless the same set of mechanical variables is present on the remote Sable Island in Canada, their efforts leave much to be desired as does the removal of a biological answer to the mystery of the Corkscrew Killer in the U.K

While we're not accredited shark researchers at this blog, we did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night;)

Patric Douglas CEO

Building Shark Cages for Yachts - Shark Diver

Back in 2006 we fabricated a shark cage system for the M/Y Triton, perhaps one of the prettiest private yachts working right now. Private cage systems for yachts offers the ultimate freedom to the yacht owner to conduct cage operations on the fly when sharks are present.

In the case of the Triton her cage has seen service from Alaska (Salmon Sharks) to Mexico and beyond.

This is the cage we built in use at Isla Guadalupe with the crew of the Triton, enjoy: