Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bahamas Shark Diving with Volkswagen - The Crew

The Bahamas is perhaps the best place on the planet to film sharks. We know this because we have been calling the Bahamas our production home since 2005.

Since that time an elite shark diving crew of independent thinkers and creatives in tandem with Blue Iguana Charters in the Florida Keys have been thrilling audiences the world over with technically challenging shark projects underwater.

This month the world will once again be treated to technical brilliance in the form of a series of commercials for the 25th Anniversary of Shark Week featuring the ultimate shark cage from Volkswagen.

Kudos to the entire team on this project. Greg "Moondog" Mooney, Luke Tipple, Scotty Grey, Patric Douglas, Johnny Friday, and who could forget Andre "MetalAngelo" for the VW build.

The man is an absolute genius.

From the guys who brought you last years Shark Week anchor commercials with Gillette comes the coolest mobile shark cage ever conceived.

Some folks spend their lives shark diving, we spend it reinventing the entire experience, one cool commercial at a time.



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